Jair Lynch Joins Forces with Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build Campaign to Create Equitable Communities  

At Jair Lynch, we are dedicated to building equitable and accessible communities. That’s why we are excited to share our recent collaboration with Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build campaign, where we made a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need. Together, with shared goals of fostering prosperous living environments, we eagerly joined this remarkable initiative on June 29, 2023. 

About the Women Build Campaign 

The Women Build campaign, led by Habitat for Humanity, provides an opportunity for individuals and organizations like ours to empower women and construct affordable housing for deserving families. Recognizing the importance of this mission, we actively engaged in volunteer efforts to support the cause. 

“Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity has been a long time in the making. We’ve always been aware of their incredible work, and when the perfect opportunity arose to participate in the Women Build campaign, we knew it was our chance to roll up our sleeves and make a real difference.” 

Ruth Hoang, Senior vice president of development

Our participation in the Women Build campaign had specific goals and objectives in mind. We aimed to get hands-on, actively contributing to projects within a local community near one of our ongoing endeavors. By doing so, we wanted to leave a positive impact on the lives of those who benefit from Habitat for Humanity’s remarkable work. 

Sore Bodies, Full Hearts

During our volunteer efforts, our team undertook various projects, including the construction of decks for two homes, as well as insulation, wall fixtures, and flooring despite the code red air quality due to the Canadian and Nova Scotian wildfires and scorching summer heat. These activities formed vital steps toward providing safe and comfortable housing for families in need in the Skyland neighborhood of Ward 8. The Habitat for Humanity crew ensured our team stayed safe and hydrated with protective gear, masks, and plenty of water breaks. 


“The opportunity to contribute to the construction of decks for two homes was truly awe-inspiring. The crew from Habitat for Humanity displayed exceptional kindness, expertise, and appreciation. I look forward to repeating this experience, hoping that next time, a larger group of associates can join in making an even greater difference,” said Jumigli Silva, Corporate Controller for Jair lynch.

“I really enjoyed catching up with my teammates in this unique way and learning about the partnership with Habitat for Humanity and Americorps from our team leader. I also truly enjoyed getting my hands dirty with the installation of Durarock. I didn’t anticipate how much I’d enjoy it and it made me nostalgic for my time spent in the architecture studio measuring, cutting, and gluing. I hope we’re able to contribute substantially to these homes and get them closer to completion for the families who will be living in them.” – Radhika Mohan, Senior Development Associate for Jair Lynch. 

“This was a truly rewarding experience. I learned new skills and how to utilize various tools. I have a new profound appreciation for the immense time, skill, and labor that is required to create a home. The Habitat crew ensured we delivered quality work and provided excellent guidance. I am so proud to contribute to these homes and their future residents. My body is sore but my heart is full.” – Kaleena Lee, Director of Development. 

Mission Alignment 

Through our collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, we were able to advance the mission of affordable housing and community development. By combining our expertise and resources, we worked towards creating vibrant, inclusive communities where families can thrive and build brighter futures. 

Looking ahead, our commitment to supporting affordable housing and community initiatives remains strong. We hope to participate in future campaigns with Habitat for Humanity and similar organizations, continuing our efforts to create positive change and foster vibrant, accessible communities for all. 

Together, with the incredible work of Habitat for Humanity, we are making a difference in the lives of individuals and families, one home at a time. 

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