Green Thumbs and Golden Goodies: Jair Lynch’s March 2023 Resident Engagement Recap

Welcome back to our monthly blog series highlighting the exciting resident engagement events taking place across our portfolio of communities. In March, our property management partners hosted an array of events to promote community building and social connections. Residents enjoyed several cheery St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, complete with festive fare and golden goodies. In addition, residents were invited to participate in an indoor gardening session where they learned how to grow their own herbs with kits and plants provided. Our property management teams also provided on-the-go breakfasts for busy residents, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to start their day off right. As always, we are grateful to our dedicated property management partners who go above and beyond to make each community a welcoming and vibrant place to call home. Let’s dive into the details of the March 2023 resident engagement events!

Phoenix apartments, bladensburg, md

Phoenix Apartments held a series of engaging events in March to celebrate various occasions and promote resident camaraderie. The month kicked off with the “Dip in the Pot of Gold” event on St. Patrick’s Day, where residents could reach into a pot of gold at the leasing office to receive treats like Starbucks, Tropical Smoothie, and Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards.

They also observed World Happiness Day with sweet treats such as cookies and cupcakes. On World Water Day, the apartments offered creative ideas for making water more enjoyable by adding fruits like lemon, orange, mint, and ginger. Additionally, they celebrated Women’s History Month with women vendors, light refreshments, goodie bags, and fun activities, including a raffle.

barcroft apartments, arlington, va

On March 23rd, Barcroft Apartments recently hosted a fun and informative indoor gardening event in the leasing office. The event featured herb kits and indoor plants that were distributed to the 40 residents who attended. Instructions were provided on how to plant and care for the herbs and plants. Residents enjoyed learning about indoor gardening and left with some greenery to add to their homes. The popularity of the event was evident in the strong attendance, and Barcroft Apartments plans to hold another indoor gardening event this summer.

Entwine recently held an exciting event to introduce its new community coordinator to residents. At the meet and greet event, residents had the opportunity to get to know the new coordinator and learn about the new services that are now available to them. With the addition of this new team member, Entwine is now able to offer an even wider range of services to its residents. Some of these new services include personalized community events, individualized assistance, and enhanced resident communication channels. The event was a great success, with residents expressing their excitement about the new services and showing appreciation for the new services.

In conclusion, the March 2023 resident engagement events were a great success, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our property management partners. From St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to indoor gardening sessions, and goodies on the go for residents across the board, our communities offered a wide range of engaging activities that fostered a sense of community and connectedness among residents. We are proud to partner with property management teams who consistently go above and beyond to make our communities welcoming and vibrant places to call home. Stay tuned as we look forward to sharing more exciting resident engagement events on a monthly basis.