Kate Owens

Director of Investments


Kate Owens is the of Director of Investments at Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners, where she is instrumental in fortifying the firm’s financial strategies and broadening its commitment to preserving and creating housing for all. Her vast experience and deep understanding of affordable housing markets enable her to integrate innovative financing models and strategic partnerships, thereby enhancing the firm’s capacity to deliver impactful housing projects. At Jair Lynch, Owens’ expertise is not just an asset but a keystone in the firm’s strategy to address the pressing need for attainable housing. Her innovative approach to financing and development, combined with a solid foundation in policy and economics, bolsters the firm’s capacity to make significant strides in reducing housing disparities and contributing to the creation of inclusive communities.

Prior to her tenure at Jair Lynch, Owens held roles such as a principal at HR&A Advisors, where she led the national affordable housing practice. Her tenure at HR&A was marked by significant achievements, including her pivotal role in advising Amazon on the structuring and investment strategies for their $2 billion Housing Equity Fund. This work underscores her ability to collaborate with major corporate entities to address housing affordability at scale. Her career also spans influential roles at the World Resources Institute, the World Bank, Wells Fargo, and Jones Lang LaSalle, providing her with a comprehensive perspective on the global and local dynamics of real estate investment and urban development.

Owens’ academic achievements include a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Economics from the University of Chicago and a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Michigan. These credentials have equipped her with the analytical tools and theoretical knowledge to tackle complex issues in urban planning and real estate development, with a particular focus on creating equitable and sustainable housing solutions. Her multifaceted career reflects a deep commitment to leveraging real estate as a tool for societal benefit, particularly in enhancing access to housing that is both affordable and attainable.


University of Chicago – Bachelor of Arts, Public Policy and Economics

University of Michigan – PhD in Urban and Regional Planning