Enhancing Community Development: David Hilde Joins the Columbia Pike Partnership Board of Directors


Jair Lynch’s David Hilde is combining his expertise in multifamily communities with his dedication to revitalizing the Columbia Pike Corridor in a new role as a member of the Columbia Pike Partnership Board of Directors.

David, who is the Vice President of Development at Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners (Jair Lynch), was appointed to the CPP Board in July 2023. This appointment reflects David’s extensive experience and dedication to community development and builds a new bridge of collaboration between Jair Lynch and the CPP. In this blog, we will explore the significance of this appointment, the goals of CPP, and how David’s expertise will contribute to the strategic direction of this influential organization.

What is the Columbia Pike Partnership?

The Columbia Pike Partnership (CPP) is a dynamic coalition of businesses, residents, property owners, and the Arlington County Government. Established in 1986 as the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization, CPP has been instrumental in the development and revitalization of the vibrant 3.5-mile stretch of Columbia Pike, from Arlington’s border with Fairfax County to Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon. Its primary objective is to foster a vibrant, safe, connected, and diverse community along Columbia Pike, catering to the needs and aspirations of its residents, businesses, and visitors.

David Hilde’s Selection & Expertise

David’s selection as a member of the Board of Directors for CPP stems from his relevant professional background in revitalizing communities and his extensive experience working within Arlington, and more specifically the Barcroft community since Jair Lynch’s acquisition of Barcroft Apartments in December 2021. As the Vice President of Development at Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners, David brings more than 15 years of expertise, with a particular focus on multifamily and mixed-use projects in the DC Metro area. His leadership skills and proven track record of delivering successful projects will help to advance CPP’s mission.

Mission Alignment

Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners is dedicated to creating extraordinary places for people to prosper, which aligns seamlessly with the goals of the CPP. David’s involvement in the CPP presents an exciting opportunity to spearhead a transformational journey for the Barcroft community while ensuring the voices of the Columbia Pike and Arlington communities are heard and incorporated throughout the life of the revitalization effort. Through this collaboration, Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners and CPP aim to create an even more prosperous and vibrant neighborhood for residents and businesses alike.

Advancing the Vision

As a member of the Board, David will bring deep knowledge of the real estate industry, combined with his experience in multifamily and mixed-use projects, to provide invaluable insights into the partnership’s initiatives. David’s dedication to community engagement activities and his commitment to advocating for positive resident outcomes will help drive inclusive development strategies that benefit all members of the community. His expertise and strategic insights will contribute to the Partnership’s ongoing efforts to foster community engagement, develop sustainable initiatives, and ensure the long-term success and vitality of the Columbia Pike area.

Working Together for the Future

We are proud to align and collaborate with CPP on this new level, aiming to bring even more cohesiveness between our long-term plans for Barcroft Apartments, which include the long-term preservation of affordability and the enhancement of homes, amenities, and community features, and CPP’s plans for the community at large. David’s experience, passion for community development, and dedication to creating extraordinary places will undoubtedly help CPP to advance its goal of revitalization and growth for Columbia Pike. We look forward to witnessing the fruitful collaborations between Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners and CPP as we work together to shape a prosperous and inclusive future for this dynamic community. Stay tuned for exciting updates on the progress of this collaboration and the transformative initiatives that lie ahead.

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