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The Impact of Jair Lynch Real Estate partners and Urban Alliance’s Property Management Interships Pathway



Urban Alliance has provided thousands of high school students with access and exposure to early career opportunities.



The partnership between Jair Lynch and Urban Alliance has resulted in seven intern placements since 2021 with five in 2023.



95% Of 2021-2022 program year interns who completed the internship program will enroll in two- or four-year college, secured full- or part-time work, or participate in continued career training.


Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners (“Jair Lynch”), with significant support from CalSTRS, partnered with Urban Alliance in 2021 to provide high school students in the Greater Washington, DC area with opportunities to gain valuable experience in commercial and residential real estate – specifically property management – through year-long work-based paid internships.

Through this multi-year partnership, students have been able to apply what they learn with Urban Alliance to real-world scenarios, develop crucial professional skills, and prepare for success in college and beyond. This case study explores the success of this collaboration and highlights the stories of several interns who participated in the program, including how it impacted their academic and professional careers. Jair Lynch and Urban Alliance are committed to investing in the future of our youth and creating pathways to success for the next generation.

About Urban alliance

Urban Alliance is a national non-profit organization that connects high school students to inclusive and equitable opportunities through paid internships, mentoring, professional development, and post-high school planning. Through a rigorous program that includes job skills training, mentoring, and career readiness, Urban Alliance prepares young people for success whether they plan to attend college or enter the workforce. The organization partners with local businesses, community organizations, and schools to create pathways to success for young people, empowering them to reach their full potential toward economic mobility and become leaders in their communities. Since its founding in 1996, Urban Alliance has provided thousands of high school students with access and exposure to early career opportunities and helped them overcome the obstacles that often stand in the way of success.

About jair lynch

Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners (“Jair Lynch”) is a leading real estate investment and development firm that is dedicated to creating vibrant, inclusive, and extraordinary places. With a focus on mixed-use and multi-family properties, Jair Lynch has developed several high-profile projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region over the last 25 years and has recently expanded into the Southeast. Jair Lynch is committed to sustainable design and development practices and is known for its innovative approaches to development that prioritize community engagement and collaboration. In addition to its real estate focus, Jair Lynch is also deeply committed to giving back to the community through partnerships with local organizations, such as Urban Alliance, that are working to create a better future for all.

the opportunity

For more than 25 years, Urban Alliance has been a bridge between students, schools, and employers in all sectors to increase young people’s access to equitable economic opportunities. The nonprofit works with more than 200 employers across its regions in the Greater DC area, including Montgomery County and Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Chicago, and Detroit.

Urban Alliance launched the Property Management Pathway in 2020, with significant seed funding from the PREA Foundation, to introduce young adults to careers in the real estate and leasing industry. This career path provides high school students and Urban Alliance alumni with paid real-world work experience, experienced mentors, and training in leasing and maintenance. It supports their transition to further their education or pursue part-time or full-time work in the industry.

With over $3.2 billion of assets under management and a heavy concentration of those assets within the Greater Washington, DC area, Jair Lynch was – and remains – an extremely well-equipped partner able to support Urban Alliance’s mission. Jair Lynch’s diverse range of assets under management and property management partnerships provide Urban Alliance with the ability to match students with mentors, roles, and properties that best suit students’ interests, educational goals, and career aspirations.

Urban Alliance pathways

Pathways are part of Urban Alliance’s flagship High School Internship Program (HSIP). For more information visit the the program website here.

Urban Alliance Property Management Pathway Job Partners get to:

  • Build the next generation of a qualified talent pool for their business.
  • Establish an early talent pipeline strategy.
  • Invest in the early career professional development of young people while increasing industry diversity, capacity, and productivity.
  • Expand commitment to social responsibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy, and positive impact in communities.
  • Provide internal emerging leaders with opportunities to build upon their supervisory experience working with and monitoring interns.
A mission driven partnership

In 2021, Jair Lynch, with funding support from CalSTRS, and Urban Alliance embarked on a multi-year engagement to offer several students paid internships through the Property Management Pathway at multiple Jair Lynch properties across Washington, DC including Plaza Towers, Bedford & Victoria Station, Takoma Central, and âme at Meridian Hill. Since then, Jair Lynch has been host to seven students thus far with five students placed across multiple sites in 2023.

As a mission-driven organization dedicated to creating inclusive, equitable opportunities for prosperity for all, Jair Lynch is proud to partner with Urban Alliance to collaboratively create such opportunities for high school students in the Greater Washington DC region.

“Our colleagues at Jair Lynch have become go-to partners in the Greater DC region to connect young people to paid internships and professional development opportunities. Jair Lynch staff are quick to respond, both literally and, more figuratively, to our students’ needs, and always happy to tap into their resources to do so.

Laura Montgomery, director of external partnerships, urban alliance

Laura Montgomery continued, “Recently, we reached out to inquire if Jair Lynch would be able to host an additional high school intern from our High School Internship Program, and, in just a matter of days, a host site, mentor, and time to connect with the property’s staff was confirmed. The property needed additional staff support, specifically a staff member who is speaks Spanish and able to bridge the gap with some of the Spanish-speaking residents, which our intern is able to do. This example highlights true partnership, one in which Jair Lynch and Urban Alliance can support and foster one another goals and needs, and provide a unique professional opportunity for a high school student interested in property management career path.”

Stories of Success

exploring the meaning of mentorship, with renee evelyn buffert

Renee is currently interning with the leasing team at Plaza Towers Apartments in Hyattsville, Maryland. During her internship, Renee is gaining valuable experience in the fundamentals of residential apartment leasing, including customer service and interaction, administrative activities, and how to troubleshoot issues that arose on the job. The standout aspect of Renee’s internship is her relationship with her mentor, whom she describes as very helpful and supportive.

My mentor is very helpful and gives me great advice on everything – in life overall and in property management.”

~renee evelyn buffert

Though Renee initially felt uncertain about pursuing a career in real estate, this experience has evolved her view of the industry into one of great interest. “What I really appreciate in this property management internship is how my day is never the same. I meet all types of people and I appreciate that because it helps me to grow and think on my feet to quickly fix the person’s problem.”

Looking forward, Renee plans to pursue a real estate license, attend Montgomery College, and transfer to a four-year university.

Learning the art of finding solutions with alden ajua

Alden is currently interning with the property management team at Takoma Central Apartments in Northwest DC. Through his internship, Alden has the opportunity to shadow his mentor during routine operations such as maintenance rounds and resident engagement. Alden expressed his love
for ‘working with his hands and repairing things,’ which allows him to develop practical problem solving skills while supporting his mentor in finding solutions to common maintenance issues. He stated,

I get to provide different solutions on how to fix a maintenance problem.”

~Alden Ajua

Alden believes this internship has had a significant impact on him, particularly in his ability to engage with people and manage his time effectively. He has
learned to better manage his time, which is leading to increased productivity in all areas of his life and studies. After high school, Alden plans to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering.

What’s Next for Jair Lynch and Urban Alliance?

The partnership between Jair Lynch and Urban Alliance has had a profound impact on the lives of high school students who have participated in the property management internship program in the last several years. Through this collaboration, students have been able to gain valuable real world experience, develop important professional skills, and prepare for success in college and beyond. The success stories of past interns, along with the dedicated team of passionate community builders and leaders within Urban Alliance, have inspired Jair Lynch to continue its commitment to supporting under-resourced youth in the Washington, DC area through Urban Alliance’s internship program for years to come.

Looking ahead, Jair Lynch will continue to host interns across multiple sites and is thrilled to continue the partnership with Urban Alliance for years to come. With the hope of serving dozens more interns in the years ahead through this partnership, Jair Lynch remains committed to investing in the future of the community and creating pathways to success for the next generation of leaders.