Laying the Groundwork: Jair Lynch Joins Habitat’s Women Build Campaign Once Again

In a powerful display of commitment and teamwork, the women of Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners recently participated in Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build campaign for the second consecutive year at Skyland Terrace in Southeast D.C. This initiative underscores our shared mission to create and preserve affordable housing while fostering a sense of community.

Led by Ruth Hoang, Senior Vice President of Development at Jair Lynch and a dedicated board member at Habitat for Humanity DC, our team undertook the vital task of preparing yards for six homes, an essential step before new families could move in. The day’s tasks ranged from breaking up rocks to laying sod, each action contributing to the realization of these homes.

Returning to the site where our team had previously contributed, we were thrilled to witness the substantial progress made on these homes. Last year, our efforts involved building decks and preparing interior spaces with protective measures and insulation. It was profoundly rewarding to see how far the homes had come and to contribute to the final preparations needed before the families could move in, marking a significant milestone in the community’s development.

The mission of Habitat for Humanity—to build affordable homes through communal involvement—resonates deeply with Jair Lynch’s commitment to creating sustainable, accessible housing. This synergy was evident as our team participated in the Women Build event, contributing to Habitat’s goal of empowering communities and individuals through active participation in housing development.

Reflecting on the day’s work, Emily Alexander, Development Manager for Jair Lynch, shared, “There’s something incredibly special about coming together as women to do something tangible for others. Today wasn’t just about laying sod—it was about laying the groundwork for families to thrive.”

Similarly, Toniann Mendelzon, Director of Marketing & Communications expressed, “Every stone removed and every patch of grass laid down today was a step closer to someone calling this place home. It’s empowering to know we are part of such a meaningful change.”

These homes at Skyland Terrace, part of a partnership with Douglass Community Land Trust, are designed to remain affordable forever, ensuring that lower-income families can find stability and community in a rapidly changing city.

By participating in Women Build, the Jair Lynch team not only contributed to the physical landscape of Southeast D.C. but also to the social fabric, embodying the company’s commitment to thoughtful and community-centered real estate development.

Are you part of an organization that needs volunteers? The Jair Lynch team is always looking for ways to roll up our sleeves in support of the communities we serve. Email us to get started!